Sunday, February 27, 2011


I love this movie! It is one of my all time favorites. It makes me laugh and cry and it is just an all around good movie! I started watching it this morning while I was getting ready for church. As I was watching, the very first line really stood out to me.

"...You might say every one of us is a fiddler on the roof trying to scratch out a pleasant, simple tune without breaking his neck. It isn't easy. You may ask 'Why do we stay up there if it's so dangerous?' Well, we stay because Anatevka is our home. And how do we keep our balance? That I can tell you in one word: tradition!"

The only things I would change in the quote are... we stay because we are tried and the way we keep our balance is through faith.

 In June of last year, I was having a really hard time. I remember praying a lot asking what the point of me being on the Earth was. I wasn't really doing anything with my life. I was in a job that I didn't see myself at for my entire life, but it was OK for the moment. I really wasn't going anywhere. Every time I would ask for the next step for my life, I got a "just wait" answer. I was going crazy and I just felt like I didn't have a purpose. I felt like I was just a waste of space and I was getting restless. I was done waiting. For those who know me you know I am not a patient person. I hate waiting. I kept praying to just let me be done if I wasn't doing anything with my life. This went on for about a month and a half and I had finally decided to stop fiddling and get off the roof to safety. I walked into Sacrament Meeting and sat down. I felt like I was just going through the motions. I know the church is true, but I feel like sometimes I just get set in my ways, and forget why I do the things I do. After Sacrament Meeting was over, I walked into Sunday School and sat down. Someone, who up until this point I didn't really know, came over to me and said, "I just felt like I needed to write you a letter." I waited until I got home to read the letter. I couldn't believe how inspired it was. This person wrote a full page letter about how I am such a good example and how much the Lord loves me. Basically it was a letter of praise to me. This person and I are now very good friends and I really look up to him. I hope that I can one day be as close to the Lord as he is and receive inspiration like that. That instance has really been on my mind lately. I don't really know why, so I decided to share it and hope that maybe someone needed to hear it. Perhaps you are looking for a way to serve someone and don't quite know how. I know I wouldn't be the same person I am today if I had not received that letter. 

Also I just wanted to add that I know my Heavenly Father knows me as an individual. That has been very apparent in my life today. There have been some things that I've been praying about that were answered for me today through someone I have never met until today. I know without a doubt that He loves me and He truly knows me. I am so very grateful for that knowledge.

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