Monday, February 21, 2011

My daily funnies!

My boss is Chinese and she cracks me up daily. I think it was last week she was on the phone with a customer and she was confirming their address and she said, "S like sexy, right?" I just started laughing. I just couldn't help it. We had to tell her that some people might be offended by that and to say S like Sam instead. We made her a list of words that went with letters. It was pretty great. She does and says really funny things daily. This is one reason I love my job so much. Today there were two great stories.

The first one is the funniest. Today a customer walked in and asked if we had brown rice. She looked at him and said, "We have white rice, put soy sauce it is brown." He just looked at me and I told him we don't have brown rice. I was trying so hard not to laugh. After he left we had a conversation about brown rice. She cracks me up!

As a preface to this story... Sandy is atheist. She hates talking about religion. She doesn't listen at all. Not that I've tried, I've just seen others try... After my last delivery today, I walked in and there were 3 people sitting in the restaurant. Two guys and a girl. I was sitting behind the counter waiting for my food to be done so that I could leave. (Sandy makes me dinner every night. She's awesome like that.) One of the guys turned to me and asked me if I would go to his church. I told him no and when he asked why I replied, "I already go to church." He asked me if I prayed and I said I do. He asked me how often and I said, "I pray once when I wake up and I don't stop until I fall asleep." The other guy he was with told me it was a really good answer but he didn't believe me. RUDE, right?!?!? Anyway the guy kept asking me questions about "my church." One of the last one he asked me was how I knew it was true. I responded with, "I've had many confirmations in my life that have told me that it is true." He asked me like what and Sandy said, "Lala, your food is done. You go now." I hadn't even noticed she had put my food in front of me, but she was practically pushing me out the door. I was laughing too hard I couldn't even say goodbye. It was pretty great. She doesn't understand why I would drive to Alabama to go to church when there are plenty of churches here in Columbus. She is very funny about religion. I love working with her though!

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