Monday, February 14, 2011

Best Valentine's Day!

First of all, I normally am very much not in favor of Valentine's Day. I think it's stupid. Maybe because I've never had a Valentine, but whatever. I like to be bitter. However, today was awesome!

When Chase got home from school, Jimmy was watching Land Before Time, so I was hiding in my room. Chase knocked on my door and when he came in, he gave me this paper. I only read what he wrote, so I didn't really understand because what he wrote was, "Love me. Kiss me. Hug me. It's Valentine's Day. Secret Surprise. We love someone." So I just thought, "Oh that's really sweet, he made me a Valentine. Then after I said thank you and he walked out, I noticed the top had the title, "A best friend is someone who..." Then he wrote "To Anna. From Chase." SO CUTE!!! I couldn't have asked for a better Valentine. I love these boys so much. They are so very sweet to me.

The second reason I loved today... I had to work. I love my job. As lame as it is... I love it. I don't get lost nearly as much. I mostly get lost in the apartment complex parking lots. I know where a lot of things are in Columbus now. Mostly work rocked today because I made $70 just in tips. Some guy gave me a $25 tip tonight. It was the best night ever. I am so happy to be here. I love it here. Thanks Manda and Joe for letting me live with you. I love you oh, so very much.

On a NASTY side note... I saw my first live cockroach. I was so disgusted! I don't get grossed out by bugs, but they are HUGE! Not to mention way super ugly. I am not a fan. I couldn't bring myself to kill it because I would have to get close to it. I went to put a box over it and it ran under the dishwasher. I still get the heebees when I have to walk over there. I keep thinking it's going to run out at me. Scared me to death!

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