Monday, March 12, 2012

Count Your Many Blessings

This weekend has been so amazing!!! Friday I went to a movie with some amazing friends and my best friend John returned my call right before the movie started. I was super excited because we got to talk for a little less than an hour and a half! It completely made my night! I miss him so stinkin' much!!! I got to watch the last half hour of the movie, which was also super good!

Saturday morning we had the Saturday session of Stake Conference and it was so amazing! President Johnson talked about preparing to meet God and what we need to do. It was such a great talk. He told us a story of an LDS soldier during WWII. One day a week they would have Sunday services in a little room on the ship. Each week he would attend, he noticed the group would get bigger. The day before they were to go to battle, almost the entire crew attended Sunday services. The group was so large they had to meet on the deck of the ship. The soldier looked around him and noticed there were many ships anchored around them and all of them were holding similar services. The chaplain looked at them and said something along the lines of, "Men, I'm not going to lie to you. The odds are not in your favor. 50% of you will not survive this mission and will go on to meet your maker. Are you prepared?" I thought it was a super cool story and I just tried to google it and couldn't find it. He told it much better than I ever could. Sister Snow talked about getting to know people in person. She told us it is better to talk in person than to communicate using technology. It was a very good talk and I enjoyed it a lot!!! President Holmoe talked about spiritual crocodiles! It too was an excellent talk!

After conference, we decided we would make cookies for some of the girls in Relief Society that we felt needed a little extra pick me up! It was so much fun and I loved it. I don't think I have laughed that hard in a very long time! We had an extra plate of cookies, so I took them to John's parents. I love and miss them so much! They are two of the greatest people I have ever met! I really enjoyed talking to them!

Today during Stake Conference there were so many amazing things taught! I loved it today! It was so great! It was a day of spiritual highs!! Someone quoted Elder Bednar when he talked about finding the hand of the Lord everyday. I realized I needed to start doing that when I write in my journal! So, I shall return and report!!

Well, it's pretty late and I'm super tired… So I'm off to bed!!