Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's been one week

I flew home Wednesday the 16th. Unfortunately I could only stay for 1 week. I kept looking to extend my stay, but flights were way too expensive. I didn't get to do half of the things I wanted to... including get my hair done and I didn't get to see a lot of my friends. It was one crazy week. I got in super late Wednesday night. If I remember right I think it was actually 1:30am Thursday morning. Caleb and I were listening to some crazy guy give advice who had a disclaimer on his show stating that he was not a licensed professional. Some guy called in and said that his girlfriend cheated on him and his mom was a drug addict who chose drugs over him. Apparently that means this guy is addicted to love and just needs to cool his heels for awhile. Caleb and I were laughing really hard.

This is an old picture of Haden but I love it.

Thursday my mom took me shopping for my temple dress. What an adventure that was. We had my nephew Haden and he kept hiding in the clothes racks. When we were done, we had lunch at the Lion House Pantry. I drove back home and picked Jaime's kids up from school. I then drove to Macey's to get some Girl Scout Cookies!! We ate them while we watched the BYU basketball game. This picture is rather old but my mom is just so cute! I love her like crazy!

Friday morning I went and got the rest of my clothes for the temple. Caleb and I went to pick up one of our cousins from school and then we went to Los Hermanos! One of my favorite restaurants ever! I love it. We went to see Rango which I don't recommend at all. I think I lost a few brain cells. I was not a fan. When I dropped her off I got to talk to one of my favorite aunts for quite awhile. I have the best family!

Saturday mom and I went shopping for a dress I could wear to the temple. After that Caleb and I went to Winger's for lunch then straight to Lady GaGa. We were right up against the stage and I must admit it will be very difficult for any concert to beat the awesomeness of this concert. It was amazing! I loved it.

Sunday was church and Dessert night! It was a blast and I realized how much I miss all of my amazing friends! I do have the best friends ever! You just can't deny it.

Monday John and I went to dinner! It was way fun. Caleb, John, and I watched some movies after that. I miss those two like crazy!

Tuesday I went into the clinic I used to work for. I saw tons of people I haven't seen in a long time. Then I went to get me some new shirts because they don't have a Downeast here in Georgia and I love their t-shirts. That night I went to the temple. It was so amazing! I love it. I can't wait for the Atlanta temple to re-open so I can go again!

Wednesday I spent all day traveling. It was such a long day! I can't wait to go back home because I miss everyone so much and there was a lot I wanted to do that I just didn't have time to do. It was a great week! My shoulders are crazy sore due to the heaviness of my carry-on bags. My left arm is in so much pain right now! I couldn't really sleep last night because it hurt so bad... and I'm sick. That could also be a part of my none sleep issue!

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