Saturday, December 10, 2011


I don't know why, but when people post on Facebook or any public something how much weight they've lost, or just when they tell me, it makes me super annoyed. I don't know if it's because I'm jealous or what... I'm sure I just don't know, but sometimes it makes me want to punch them in the face. It really bugs me though when they're skinny minnies and tell me they have 20 more pounds to lose. I hate it. I also hate when people post their diets and workout plans. Really? who cares? I don't care that you ate a completely sugar free meal. I do not care! I'm sorry for my ranting. There is a point, I promise! Here it is… The fam is starting yet ANOTHER diet plan. I decided yesterday morning that I need to see where I'm at so I can see what kind of goal I need to make. When I weighed myself, I was sure the scale was broken. I walked into my mom's room and asked her how accurate her scale is. She told me it's right on with her Dr.'s scale. I am super happy to say that I've lost 40 pounds since the last time I weighed myself which was right before I decided to do P90X (That lasted 4-ish days)
I've never been one to get the diet and exercise bug. In fact as soon as I start something new, I lose weight like crazy, then I see that and think, "Oh, I need a reward for that great effort!" Or, "I've been doing really well lately, I can take a day off." Unfortunately/Fortunately (This is a win/lose situation) This weight loss is not due to a diet and exercise program. It is due to the fact that stress does my body good! I have been so stressed lately about not having a job, needing a job, and wondering how I'm going to buy Christmas presents this year. I have been so blessed with miracle after miracle. When I came home, I had enough money to last me 3 months without a job. (All I had to pay for was my phone bill, so I still really didn't have a lot.) However random things would pop up here and there that would give me a little extra cash. Whether it was a job around the house someone wouldn't want to do, jury duty, or a 2 day job working for Time Out for Women. You would think with all these miracles going on around me that I would be less stressed out, but my brain doesn't work that way. My migraines have come back for a reunion tour. I get about 2 a week. I have ginormous knots in my neck and back which are causing my migraines. With a migraine comes nausea, with nausea comes loss of appetite, and with loss of appetite comes weight loss. (This post took quite the turn. I wasn't expecting to get into this.) I don't sleep. I just lay in my bed until 5:20am and then wake up 2 hours later when everyone else in the fam wakes up, which I'm sure is another cause for my migraines. I am going crazy!  I NEED A JOB!
For those of you wondering, this post wasn't going to be a serious one, but apparently my non-serious bone is still sleeping. :)

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