Thursday, February 12, 2009


Today has been one of the worst days since I have started working at the clinic. I've been yelled at by Dr.'s before, I've been made to feel stupid by Dr.'s before. But never have I physically wanted to harm someone this way before. There is a Medical Assistant that works with me and we all call her princess. She doesn't do her job even a little bit. Everyone does her job for her and yet SHE gets a raise. She doesn't answer her phone calls and I get yelled at for it. She doesn't wish to be paged overhead so WE are to get the information on the patient and IM her who is calling and why and she will DECIDE if she WANTS to take the call. Even if she has called them back and they are RETURNING their call. I had had it today. I wasn't playing her stupid little game. I started paging her overhead, just to show our administrator, Mark, how many RETURN calls she gets. I started paging her from my first call I got for her this morning. At about 10, Dr. Nobuhara comes up and starts quizzing me on why Jen is the only one getting paged. Why don't any of the other MA's have phone calls coming in? What did he think? That I was making up phone calls for her? I seriously got 5 return phone calls for her this morning. And out of the 5 she answered 1. And I had to page her 3 times for her to answer that 1 call. I was so mad I was shaking. I was mad because I was getting yelled at. Then for Dr. Nobuhara to come up to me and start quizzing me on why she is the ONLY one getting phone calls sent me right off the nice edge. I was so mad that these angered sobs just started coming. I ran into the bathroom and tried so hard to control my crying but I couldn't. I was so mad. A few girls from work whom I love dearly came and knocked on the door. I came out and still was sobbing. I went back to talk to Mark and he was in a meeting so I went back to my desk and tried to answer calls as best I could. I was still so mad though that I was shaking and crying. At about 11, Mark came back to his office and I had almost calmed down, but by the time I had gone back to his office, I had started sobbing again. I was a little embarrassed because one of my young women's leaders was sitting in front of Mark's office and here I was bawling. I went into Mark's office and the first thing he says to me is, "Annalisa, you don't look so good. Come in and sit down." Thank you, Mark. I'm glad I don't look so good. But we talked it all out and he told me what to do about it. It made me feel a little better to know that he was on my side and not Dr. Nobuhara's. As I was walking out of his office My old young women's leader said, "Anna, don't be sad." It's amazing how much those four words can really help a situation like that. On the upside my anger did make my morning go by really quickly. I am so very lucky to have such great people working here with me who really honestly care.


KaRynn Sheranian said...

I am sooo sorry Anna! That is the worst thing ever! --working with incompetent people that rub you wrong! I know the feeling. Good thing you have other people at work who can make you feel happy!!

ashycam said...

That sounds aweful. I would have blown up probably, but you handled things well. good job.