Tuesday, September 30, 2008

When Boredom Strikes at Work

Lately I've been bringing a book to work because I personally get really slow near the end of the day. Tuesdays are especially bad because I do the on-call schedule for all of the dr.'s, so I try to finish faxes really fast so I can get to the on-call schedule. Every week, it seems, I forget how fast the on-call schedule is so I sit all day long doing nothing but running to and from the fax machine with just a little stack of one or two faxes. It's kind of a pain. Tuesdays are my worst days. Luckily for me, they have turned websense off if only for a few minutes, so I will have something to do. I thought it was pretty nice of them really.
If I forget to bring a book, I end up deep cleaning my desk. I take all of the files out and wipe them down, everything. It tends to make the day go a little bit faster.
Totally off topic, if dad has not already told you my funny story of the weekend... I was really sick on Saturday and I was puking my guts out and the toilet seat fell on my head. Dad and melissa thought it was pretty funny. I guess I do to, now that my head isn't pounding. I had a migraine and the seat hit me pretty hard.

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jalytaylor said...

Only to you, Anna, only to you!!