Monday, October 13, 2008

The caffeine addict

Hello. My name is Annalisa Keddington. I am a caffeine-a-holic. I have been caffeine free for 10 days!!!

That's right. 10 days. Personally I am very proud of myself. Today one of our drug reps came in and gave me a 1 liter of Mt. Dew. I couldn't say I didn't drink it anymore, so I waited until he left before I gave it to a girl at work. It was so hard for me to just leave a cold Mt. Dew on my desk and not drink it. I really struggled today, but I didn't drink it. I was very proud of myself. I haven't had soda for 9 days which is also very good for me. I just wanted everyone to know, that I am slowly becoming caffeine free!!!

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Mandy-Joe-Chase-James said...

good for you Anna--we went caffine free about a month ago--well soda free to be exact--best thing we could have done for ourselves--although it was really hard at first!