Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Utah drivers

I know I am one, but I have had the WORST experience of my life today with the stupid drivers between Mapleton and Provo. It took me 45 minutes to get to work today. I got on the freeway and it was a dead stop. So I had this great idea to get off at the next Springville exit. However, the car accident was in the middle of the two exits, so once everyone stopped gawking at the accident and started moving, I sped my way to the Provo Center Street exit. When you get off the exit it is two lanes for about 2-3 yards then it goes to one lane. However, no one would let me in this morning. I had to force my way into the lane. I was so irritated. Then once off the off-ramp and onto Center Street, I have to get into the far left lane heading West so I can turn North on 5th West. There was a nice gap so I could get in, and traffic was moving very smoothly, but the second I put on my blinker, the stupid Scion behind me felt the need to speed up and not let me in. I was so frusterated. Then I got stopped at every single red light there is on my way from the exit to my work. Once I got in the parking lot, about 15 minutes late for work, I thought I had a free ride to my parking spot, however, some moron girl was driving on the wrong side of the road and blocking my spot. I was so frusterated when I got into work, I couldn't keep from shaking. I had my Mt. Dew in hand as I walked in and my boss just gave me a look. Then said, "I know when you walk in with a Mt. Dew, I shouldn't even ask." I love that I have such an understanding boss. To make matters worse, the first patient I talked to yelled at me for turning the phones on late. She was lucky I had my Mt. Dew. That's all I've got to say.

OK so It's not all I have to say. On my way home, traffic was horrible on the freeway because it was 5:30pm (I got off late because people can't count). When I got off the freeway in Springville, I somehow got stuck behind some grandma talking on her cell phone and going 25 on that highway right off the freeway. Then she turned right to get onto the highway to go to Mapleton. I passed her as soon as I could, but she started going 60 the second she got onto the two lanes. I passed her anyway because I was so frusterated, then some stupid Toyota Tacoma cut me off and turned onto Maple st and went 25 on Maple St. I gave up. I am going to invest in a jetpack, so I can just fly to work.

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