Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Almost 1 year

Can you believe it was almost 1 year ago? This isn't the actual car I was in. In fact the guy hit us a little bit further back than that, but only by about 2 inches.

As I have been thinking about that day, I constantly remember just a couple weeks before the accident. I was in the car with my best friend and we were driving from my house to his which isn't even a mile and the speed limit is only 25mph. I refused to put my seatbelt on because we weren't going that far. He stopped in the middle of the road and said to me, "Anna, yours is a life worth saving." Needless to say, I clicked it. I still wont admit that it was his words that made me do it. It was definitely the car coming up behind us that made me do it.

2 weeks after that I was in the Macey's Grocery store parking lot and I made a VERY conscious decision to NOT put my seatbelt on. I can still hear the voice in my head telling me I needed to put my seat belt on and I stupidly ignored it. My friend who was driving didn't even know I wasn't wearing it. She told the police I had it on. Still to this day I can't believe I walked away with a just a bump on my head. I should have been thrown through the windshield. I still cry when I wonder what my roll is on this earth. Why was I kept alive when I clearly shouldn't have been? What am I supposed to be doing? I am positive this is not a day I will ever forget.

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