Monday, January 10, 2011

Brittney, this one's for you

I saw your comment on my post today and and remembered I told you I would write a post about how I am more stubborn than Caleb.

Reason #1 - When I set my mind to something, it is done. No questions asked. It's just done. One way or another it gets done.

Reason #2 - When Caleb has an idea that I don't agree with... We go with my idea. Always. Always will be.

Reason #3 - I do what I want.

Really, I don't know why I'm more stubborn than Caleb. I just like to think I'm better than him in one way and that's all I've got! He is who I aspire to be like. He is so much better than I will ever be in every aspect. He is so grown up and super smart. He can do anything. He's the best little brother I could have ever asked for!

I had to put that in there because I knew my mom would read this and tell me I was a bully. She always takes Caleb's side! :)

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Brittney said...

My roommates asked me what I was laughing about and when they read it it wasnt as funny to them. I love you anna!