Thursday, March 18, 2010

Anger and Frusteration

Why would someone go through another person's drawer at work. Not only go through, but take $4 out of it plus the change in an envelope? I know everyone I work with very well; I'm positive it wasn't any of them. I keep my drawer very organized. Everything has it's place. I opened it this morning and everything was disheveled as if someone was looking for more money on top of the money they had already found in my drawer. True it was only $4. It could have been a lot more, but it's the principle behind the matter. Why would you go through someone's drawers looking for money. Especially at your place of employment. I'm sure it was one of our cleaning people. The odd thing is that it was my drawer. No one else's had been touched. I suppose I just needed a moment to vent about my situation although I know it will not change anything. I am done now and I am trying really hard to remain calm. I suppose this is probably what happened the first time when people decided it would be a good thing to start locking their doors. It started off with $4 and a little change.

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