Sunday, June 10, 2012

Parades, fireworks, and sunburns...

I am a five year old girl at heart. I live for parades and fireworks. I love the summer time because that means I get to go to parades and watch tons of fireworks. I LOVE IT!!! Seriously, I was giggling during the fireworks last night. Despite how freezing cold I was, I loved every second of it. It made my whole life so much better!!

As I was getting ready for the parade, I was looking at myself and I noticed that I needed to get a bit of sun because I was blindingly white. Please note that I haven't been white in about 3 years. Now that my financial situation has changed, I don't really have that option anymore. I'm not complaining, it actually probably saved my life, I was just sayin' why I'm so white. So, as I was getting ready, I decided I was going to wear my cap-sleeved shirt with my knee-length cut-off shorts and get a little sun. My 9 year old nephew kept informing me that I was blinding him by the reflection of the sun off of my legs. Thanks, bud! After the parade, we decided we would go to my house and get some sun screen because I was already feeling the burn. My only issue with sun screen is that one time after I put it on, I got the worst sun burn of my life, so I was a little hesitant to wear it. I put it on my face, and that was all. We went to the carnival and played some carni games, and that was all my poor skin could handle. I had to get out of the sun. I ran home and took as hot of a shower my skin would allow, trying to get the burn out of my skin, then put my caffeinated lotion on it. (I know what you're thinking… "Caffeinated lotion? You'll get caffeine any way you can." TRUE!!! However, I had a dr. research it after I read how caffeine, when applied topically, reduces the risk of skin cancer. I swear by it. My skin heals so much faster from sunburns than they ever did with Aloe. Just sayin. Also, it feels so good after you put it on.) This is what I get for being super white and trying to get my tan on. I get fried.

 I took a small nap and then got ready to go to the fireworks. I LOVE THEM!!!! Seriously, if ever there is one thing that will always make me happy, it's sitting and watching fireworks. I love the smell of them, plus they are super cool!! Again, I am a five year old girl at heart. Unfortunately, I totally forgot my camera for the fireworks which was really sad to me. All in all I had a great time with my friends and family, sunburn and all!!! I would do it all over again if I could!!!

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