Monday, October 3, 2011

Scoot on over to Scoot's

Alright, here's the thing. Last year a friend of mine started Dessert Night. People from our ward would come hang out and bring/eat dessert while we played games and such. I seriously look forward to dessert night all week long. I love meeting new people, but most of all I love making food!!! Last summer by best friend, John, told me I should open my own restaurant. That got the wheels in my head turning. I loved this idea. I went to UVU and talked to the head of their Culinary Arts program and she told me all I had to to do to get in is take math up to 990 and a culinary math class. I tested out of english. It was rather discouraging because I tested into arithmetic so it would take me about 3 years to finish math, then I could apply to the culinary program. However, this is what I wanted to do and nothing was going to stop me! Well, I was asked if I wanted to move to Georgia, so I guess something was going to stop me. I left and met someone there from Phenix City who finished culinary school and told me if I did an apprenticeship it is more accredited than going to a school to get your certificate. I asked him if he knew of any and sadly I only remember one. Sadly because I feel like I would have a better chance of getting in if I could apply to more than one. Upon looking into The Balsams I have found out that they are a 3 year program, they pay me because I'm an employee, I'm housed on the resort for free, and they pay for my food. Completely ideal, no? I have asked 2/3 people I am going to ask for letters of recommendations. Tonight I'm asking my third person. After that all I need to do is get my high school transcripts sent over to them and I will have officially applied. If this doesn't work out I guess I'll have about 5 years of schooling left before I can open my own place. I am so excited that I have finally found what I want to do with my life. I am also really thankful that I have people who believe in me and don't discourage me about doing what I want to do. Oh, and in case you were wondering… My restaurant will be called Scoot's and the tagline will be Scoot on over to Scoot's. There's a story behind it, but I'll just tell you this… One of my nick-names is Scoot. Hence why my restaurant will be called Scoot's.

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