Saturday, November 8, 2008

High School

Lately I have had the feelings of being back in high school. One of my friends came home from his mission about 2 weeks ago, and my friend Holly has been texting me just to tell me she's with him as if this is supposed to bring me feelings of jealousy. Really all it does is bring out the snot in me. I guess, I am kind of feeling bad about some of the things I've sent to her in response. My latest one was, "Am I supposed to be feeling like I'm back in high school? Or am I not understanding your texts?" She has yet to respond and it's been a few days. I probably shouldn't have said that. But I did and it's overwith now. What do ya do?

On a happy note. I am going to Arizona to visit Jaime and Spencer and their children. I'm excited about it. It'll be fun. I'm going over Thanksgiving. Mostly because I am going to be there for four days but I only had to take two off work. It's pretty exciting for me.

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