Thursday, August 21, 2008


I have decided I don't want to move. Too bad that the complex is all filled up eh? I have these two awesome roommates from England. They freaking rock. We have had so much fun this passed week doing American things, they have never done before. They were amazed that resteraunts give you free icecream on your birthday. They love S'mores, the dollar movie, and Walmart. That's right, I converted them to Walmart. They are hilarious. We also went to a beauty pageant up in Layton then to Crown Burger after. I don't want to leave now. I feel I have so much more to teach them. They have never heard of Chris Farley. But no, really, we have so much fun. I have someone to go on walks with me now. It's way fun.
So I am starting to move out tomorrow and I really don't want to pack. Hence, the blog. I'm putting it off as long as possible. I don't really want to clean. I don't want to pack. I would rather be watching a movie with the rest of the people in my apt. Well, I had better do everything so I can be ready to move most everything tomorrow. I love you all!!!! Until next time.


Mandy-Joe-Chase-James said...

Where you moving to?

annakedd said...

I'm moving back home until November, then I'll be moving to a condo by Smiths in Provo. It's pretty exciting really.