Saturday, July 12, 2008

My Week

This week has been a pretty chill one. I had this whole week off, which has been great, because thanks to the 4th of July weekend I have not worked since the 3rd of July. It has been wonderful!!

I have stayed at my parents house since the night of the third. It's been great. I mean, I love my roommate and everything, it's just been nice not having to make forced conversation.

On the Fourth, I went to the parade and after that I went to Stadium of Fire to watch the fireworks. I wont lie, I still think they're cool.

On the 6th, I met the two newest members of the fam. They are pretty awesome I wont lie. Although I still have kind of a hard time with the names though. I kind of felt bad about that. I played ball with Audrey, Brigham, and Chase. It was pretty awesome. Dude, that kid is CRAZY, but in a good way. It's all pretty crazy really.

I've been sleeping outside in the tent this week because I'm pretty sure it's the closest to real camping this summer. It's been fun. Kind of chilly. But, whatev.

Tomorrow night, however, I will be returning back to Provo and returning to the real world. I am not excited. I have thouroughly enjoyed my 6 working days off. It has been great. Alas, I will live. I mean I only work 16 days this month. I think I'll survive the month of July. This is why July is and always will be, my favorite month.

Until next time...

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